Monday, December 29, 2014

The Horoscope for 2015: the cosmic forecast says we will focus on skin!

As a makeup artist, I am honored that clients leave their faces and beauty in my hands. I met with many fabulous women this season to do their makeup for holiday parties and they are done up to the nines. I know these ladies take the time to have the right outfit and they hired me as their makeup artist so they definitely have good taste! Lol.  I am in absolute awe with many of these powerhouse women. But wait, something is missing.

What I find strange is that I noticed many of these ladies do not moisturize or hydrate their faces or under eyes on a regular basis. Why is having the perfect dress or the perfect lipstick more important than the condition of their skin? Don’t get me wrong, these ladies have a lot on their plate as we all do, so I get why so many women opt to throw a bit of concealer under the eye and call it a day. Lets face it, for some of us a $22 dollar concealer seems more feasible than an eye cream that costs $100+. But let’s be clear that concealer only covers up the problem, it is not a permanent solution. Your makeup up only looks as good the skin underneath. So the next time you are tempted to buy the shiny shadow that makes your eyes bright like a diamond but you know your skin is dry, maybe consider the skincare as well. You will find that skincare is essential and makeup is more of a luxury. I foresee that Jupiter is in your house of youthfulness!

My favorite skincare item I recently found that has many uses is face oil that is infused with Rose hips. This Christmas I traveled to Chicago and because I packed my bag with heavy sweaters and puffy jackets by makeup bag had to be light. Skincare’s packaging typically are not travel friendly so I decided to grab take a vial of Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil. I am not sure if this happens to you but sometimes when I travel my skin does not know what to think with climate changes. This sample saved me on my trip. Not only did I use it to moisturize my skin, I ended up using on the end of my hair when my hair got a little frizzy, I used it on my nails and hands when they got extra dry and on my lips when they got chapped. This was an all in one product. My skin is combo to oily and sensitive so I was excited that I was able to pull of just using this Nourishing Oil all on it’s own, and it didn’t leave my skin with excess oil. For extra hydration, you can add a couple drops to your moisturizer as well.

I hope this was helpful tip and that you have a fabulous new year.

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