Thursday, February 27, 2014

Eat your cake but don’t wear it!

Foundation powders aren’t just for your daughters any more! Technology has come a long way and this year many new foundation powders are hitting the market that are not cakey, that don’t enhance your pores, and that don’t enhance dryness and winkles. Yes stop the press it’s true.  

In the past when I used a foundation powder to cut the shin or to touch up my makeup midday to take down the redness, I found my skin looking dry and all my pores and fine lines started to enhance. It was apparent to me that I’m not in my 20’s any more and foundation powder just tends to age me.
I’m was a little skeptical when Laura Mercier came out with a new foundation powder but this powder seemed to have so many great benefits. Conditioning with Shea butter, Vitamin E, and it has soft focus effect that flexes with your skin. So I gave it a try and I am a true fan. I can wear it over my tinted moisturizer if I want fuller coverage or I can wear it by it self over my primer and it gives a natural matte finish. If I want more coverage I just add water and it still doesn’t look too cakey.

As a makeup artist I am most excited that there are 20 shades! I can match my all of my clients to their perfect shade.  I have used it on clients that are oily and clients that have dryer skin too and Laura’s smooth finish foundation powder truly is great for all skin types. You can use the sponge it comes with for convenience when you are on the go or for medium coverage the powder builds very well buffing it in with a finishing brush. I have gotten great feed back from my clients that Laura’s smooth foundation powder feels modern, it doesn’t feel chalky or drying, and they love the color range and controls oil. I am very excited to say foundation powder has found it’s way back in my purse.

Come and get your color matched for Laura’s Smooth Finish foundation powder at Saks San Francisco I am there typically on Fridays.

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