Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Waterproof Tattoo Cover-up

On special occasions like your wedding day or a job interview you may want to cover up your tattoos.

There are so many over the counter products for tattoo cover up, but I haven’t found any that are truly waterproof and that can be a waist of time and money. What I found that works best is Temptu’s Dura airbrush makeup. Dura is an alcohol-based formula and it is completely waterproof and can last for days with proper care. It does take some skill and practice to get the technique down, but the results will be better than other methods.



• Make sure the tattooed area and the area around it is shaved the night before to prevent irritation and because you don’t want to see hairs from the airbrush makeup.  

 • Prep the tattooed area and at least 3 inches around with alcohol.

First step is color correction:

A color wheel is helpful. You want to use the color opposite the color of the tattoo. So for Lena’s tattoo in the image the red needs to be neutralized, so I take that and her skin tone into consideration. Green is the opposite of red and she has a lot of orange/red in her skin tone so to neutralize that we went with a green yellow based color. The tattoo will be completely covered and extended out an inch past the edge of the tattoo. At this point you should not see the tattoo only the corrective color. It may take a couple layers and sometimes I use a blow dryer with cool air to dry between layers.


Now much like matching foundations you will conceal the whole area with the persons skin-tone. You may need to mix a couple colors to find the perfect match. I suggest doing some test patches to make sure you have the right shade. Remember to clean your gun with alcohol so there is no blockage when you use your airbrush again next.


Lastly you will use a setting powder. Buff it into your puff and roll onto your covered-up area to insure the longevity of the makeup. It can look a little dry but it will stay on. If the cover-up is on your arm it can look texturized if you twist your arm too much so you want to be careful but it looks amazing in pictures like you never even had a tattoo. To take your cover-up makeup off, use rubbing alcohol to remove all the layers.

I am always learning as I go so if you have any questions or anything to add, please leave a comment.

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