Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Makeup and Hair Fall Trends 2014

A look with Subtle Edginess.

I love Fall season fashion. This year I see a lot of influence from the late 60’s and early 70’s but with a modern edge. The color palette this season is a variety of shades of green, grays, mulberry burgundies, coopers and rich browns.

What I saw on the runway for NYC fashion week was a very natural, subtle, non–makeup look. Luminous, flawless, and even skin with slightly sculpted cheeks, contrasted with a very graphic defined brow.

There were two looks that stood out, the first is a smudged eyeliner in rich colors that almost looks like it was left over from the night before. Heavy liner surrounds the entire eye with deep browns, grays burgundies, or shades of forest greens. The second look had no eyeliner at all, with just a wash of cooper or burgundy across the eyes. Both looks appeared sporty and edgy with barely any color on the lips. Lip Balm or a very light color would suffice. Even lighter than your natural lip color.

The latest trend in hair is loose textured hair in slouchy ponytails with strong middle or side parts. The hairstyles are very nonchalant, like you woke up with it looking tousled but it still looks good anyway. The look you get when you don’t have time to dry your hair completely and you wind up with air dried waves.

The Fall 2014 make-up and hair trends seem so easy to do, and I’m excited to try this effortless, yet edgy and mysterious look. It’s so simple that you barely have to pull out your drier or have the tedious task of curling every inch of your hair. All you need is a power ponytail or wind swept curls that happen naturally and you’re on your way. For makeup you just need to invest in a couple key items. A luminous foundation that has a good amount of pigment to cover well, a staple smudgy eyeliner, a shadow that adds a wash of color to your lids, and some lip balm. VoilĂ ! Your fashion forward look is complete.

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