Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What is your skin's undertone?


Finding the right foundation color is key to your flawless face. Trying to match your perfect foundation can be difficult. The first step to finding your perfect shade is to know your skin’s undertone. It is the color that lies beneath the skin. It is almost like a shadow below your skin color. While your skin color changes depending on the season or exposure to the sun, the undertone never does.

There are three basic skin undertones. Cool, Neutral, or Warm.

There are a couple tests you can do to help you be clear on your undertone is.

Your Cool if your undertone is: Blue, Red, or pink.

When your out in the sun your skin will appear bluish
If the veins on your wrist appear blue or purple
Silver jewelry will look more flattering on your skin.
Foundation should be pink or neutral based
Blush: cool rosy or pink look best

You’re a Neutral if your undertone is:

Neither pink/red/blue/ nor yellow/ gold / or peach but somewhere in between
The veins on your wrist are blue-green or olive looking.
When you look at your skin in the sun, it appears greenish
Both gold and silver jewelry look flattering on your skin

You’re Warm if your undertone is:

Gold, Olive, or Yellow
When your out in the sun your skin appears yellowish
If the veins on your wrist appear greenish or olive
Gold jewelry is more flattering on you
Foundation: Peach or yellow based
Blush: warm coral or peach look best

When matching your skin for foundation look not only at your face but your neck and decolletage. We typically use so much sun block on our faces to protect our skin from aging, that often times our faces are much lighter than our decolletage.  To even that out you may want to warm up your foundation so that your face looks even with the rest of your body.  Your neck gets next to no sun so you may want to bring down your foundation to blend into your neck. It’s best to match your foundation to your skins undertone if you feel pale using bronzer and blush always gives color back to your skin. Being in Natural light helps when matching your foundation so you can see in the best light see what undertone your skin casts.

Even makeup artists that have been in the industry for years sometimes have problems with this when it comes to working with new foundations colors so I hope these tips helped.

Here is a fun quiz to help find your skin's undertone: http://www.popsugar.com/beauty/What-My-Skin-Undertone-Quiz-34403268

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