Monday, March 17, 2014

Bronze Ambition

How to use bronzer without looking like an umpalumpa or too fake! Let’s face it, we all what to be a bronze goddesses once in a while rather it be for an event or vacation or just because most of us look healthier a little bronzed. But we want to do it with out the harmful sunrays and with out sun spots and bronzer is a great way to do that. Bronzers can be intimidating because we have seen it be abused.

 There are several Bronzers on the market I prefer either powder bronzer or crème bronzers. For Powder Bronzer I recommend a big finishing brush I swirl the brush in the product and tap the access powder on my hand before I apply it to the face because it’s easier to blend on the hand first than on the face, that way we don’t get splotches of bronzer on our face. The finishing brush gives the bronzer a veil like finish on your skin so it doesn’t get too cakey. You will then apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit your face. Basically the application with your brush will be in the direction of a backwards three. Start on your forehead, then under your cheekbones to emphasize them, on the bridge of the nose and the top of your chin for a naturally bronzed look. I apply crème bronzer in the same places except I use a large crème brush or simply my fingers.

If you were contouring I would use a smaller more detailed brush like a blush brush. Darker Matte bronzers work best for contouring. Apply on the tip of the nose to shorten it or along the sides of the nose to narrow it, a deeper application under the cheekbone to create emphasis and on top of the forehead to shorten the length as well as along the jawbone to strengthen it’s appearance.

Bronzer first and then it’s time to blush. This spring and summer women are really stirring towards using Crème Blush because it gives your skin a bit of Glow and it blends right into the skin so smoothly. Use it on the apples of the cheeks and blend the color out with your fingers crème blushes are so easy to use and they really enhance your cheekbones. 

Now go get your Bronze Glow on!

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